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Well the question is itself inane indeed - Right? Because who would like to play and bet his money on an un-regulated casino and later regret. Though there are many casinos, which have not abided by the regulatory mandatories, they still continue to operate and yes they still have their own bunch of customers. However there are players who are very particular about playing only in regulated and properly licensed casinos. Now what difference does this actually bring about and whom is it going to really benefit? Lets see this in detail in the discussion below.

Importance of regulation & licensing

Any industry for that matter needs to be regulated and duly licensed by an authorization body to deem its activities legal.Importance of regulation & licensing From both a legal and social perspective a regulated company will gain higher respect and trust factor by the customers.

This being the moral factor, there are other factors that make regulations essential. Only when a company, in this case a casino is regulated will it have the support of the government bodies because you actually pay a certain amount of tax from your business

and the tax-receiving authority is bound to safeguard your interest as well as of your customers. Also players feel safe and secure while playing in a regulated casino (e.g. Luxury Casino. Most importantly when it comes to online casinos, the basic factor that a player considers is the licensing and regulation factor.

With many online frauds happening it is obvious that a player is taking necessary steps to safeguard his interests. To suffice all the requirements and trio-benefit for the casino, the player and the government, obtaining a proper license and getting the casino more essential.

Validate according to jurisdiction

There are ā€œnā€ number of casinos all around the world and most of them are regulated under the jurisdiction, which they fall. Some of the jurisdictions are really stringent in granting a license while a few are a more lenient in their guidelines. This results in the value of the license that they provide loosing its real weightage. So a license or a regulation certificate will be a major factor in decide upon the reliability and the reputation of the casino. A perfect licensing body will take into account many factors before granting a license to the concerned casino. This will include the background of the casino promoters, the fairness of the games played in the casino, payment disbursement methods and procedures. When all this is in place a player can very well start playing in the casino with reassurance.


While speaking about regulatory bodies, two prominent names that you will definitely come across are eCOGRA and TST.So if one sees that a site is authorized by eCOGRA, it means that he is playing at safe hands. eCOGRA stands for eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, whereas TST stands for Technical Systems Testing.


This is an individual and independent body that is a non-profit body that formulates and regulates the gaming industry and ensures that proper fair gaming practices are followed. The main aim of this body is to protect the interests of the players. So if one sees that a site is authorized by eCOGRA, it means that he is playing at safe hands.


This is an internationally recognized testing facility that does technical testing TST for both old-fashioned land-based casinos as well as online casinos. The main factor that drives most of the games in a casino is TST is the casino game the RNG (Random Number Generator) and TST mainly tests this RNG mechanism of a casino to ensure that it operates fairly.

It also checks if the casino is in line with the regulations and requirements that are laid down by the authorization bodies and the jurisdiction, which they fall under. This TST also test is the software and systems follow the procedures and practices that will guarantee the protection of customer data and make the gambling experience a 100% secure one.

When one sees that the site is certified by TST he can be assured of the software accuracy and credibility and also of the fair game play of the games played on the casino. However it is always safe to test the site here http://onlinegambling.review/ playing with play money and then start with a small amount and then keep increasing once you feel the site if safe and credible for real money gambling.