The Company

As a duly regulated and licensed casino, we ensure that our players and their hard earned money is in safe hands and we offer them a reassurance by delivering them the best of the best experience each time they play with us. We do understand the importance of licensing and the role it plays in earing the trust factor from the customer. We are proud to re-iterate that we have been duly licensed and regulated by eCOGRA and TST. This means our players can blindly believe us and our practices and start playing with us.

We are also licensed under our jurisdiction and we are proper and perfect taxpayers and are completely backed up by the law and the government. This ensures that our players’ interests are also safeguarded. We follow a perfect RNG mechanism, which assures that all our games are conducted in a fair and honest manner. All our operations are transparent and we do not attach any hidden mechanism or regulations that might affect the integrity factor.

With regards to the games we offer, we have most of the games that includes games from the brick and mortar type to the latest additions, this makes most of the players roped to us. Also the payback and the edge factor that we provide for each of our game proves to be the best in the industry. The house edge which we maintain is the lowest in the market and we ensure that a fair and equal opportunity is provided to the customer to win a game. The time that we take to process he withdrawals are worth to be mentioned. If you read our real customers review you would be surprised to know that each and every one of them have mentioned about our prompt payout procedure and the on-time disbursements of funds. This has developed a confidentiality factor and has increased customer satisfaction as well.